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Daisy, Rotating

I have started a new group about collecting CANADIAN CHATTY CATHY and family dolls, to exchange information, buy, sell and trade Canadian Chatty dolls. If interested, please use the link to subscribe below :)

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This is my beautiful redhead bob doll, she was on the absolute top of my want list and a dear friend sent her to me, I love this CC doll! Thanks Judy :)

Welcome to my Chatty site...I hope you enjoy looking around!

These 3 dolls are pretty in pink, the cutie on the left has green pinwheel eyes, the CC doll on the right has really curly hair with white ribbons that appear to be original. The tcb has glasseine eyes and no eyelashes, the poor baby...I still love her though :)



This is my new gal, I have HUNTED EVERYWHERE for a pigtail doll with pinwheel eyes, I love this doll :)

These 2 bob haired dolls have glasseine eyes, now all I need is a redhead bob...won't hold my breath though...hey I am so glad that I have my redhead bob now, one of each is my goal :) The blonde piggy is my favourite...she has very bright cheek blush, pale pink lips and side glance glasseine eyes. I love her colouring the best out of all my dolls. I have included a close-up of her.


Here is the closeup...isn't she sweet!?!


I started collecting these dolls 3 years ago and am trying to obtain an example of each type of Chatty Cathy doll.

This gal below was found in her original box in a dumpster and obtained for me by my good friend...Thanks David! I am so glad she was rescued before the garbage truck got there to collect the trash!


I have posted pictures of some of my Chatty dolls and will update with new pictures periodically. I live near Vancouver B.C. in Canada so collect mainly Canadian Chatty Cathy dolls that I find locally. I love to scour antique stores, thrift shops and flea markets for my dolls. I have also found some online.

Cat in needlepoint; Actual size=180 pixels wide

This Redhead Piggy doll was found locally wearing her blue gingham outfit. I added the shoes and socks.

Canadians support Americans


Here are 2 sets of Canadian Glasseine eyed twins...aren't they cute :)

This Chatty Cathy doll is my newest blonde bob. She has blue pinwheel eyes and I think her hair has been trimmed...oh well...I don't mind! Her outfit is original to her and her apron has a slightly different eyelet than my other Canadian aprons, very pretty! The Chatty Baby also has blue pinwheel eyes. She is wearing an outfit that the original owner said was on her when she got her. It is definately factory made. I am trying to verify if Dee Cee made it. The TCB has green pinwheel eyes and is wearing the Dee Cee embroidered kitty romper.



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