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Chit Chat-ty

I am always looking for Chatty Cathy Dolls, clothing and shoes. Please email if you have any for sale. I am looking for ANY black Chatty Cathy Dolls in ANY condition, even with no hair!! I love to trade dolls too, send an email with your want list! Thanks and I hope you enjoy my web site :)


I bought this black Chatty Cathy factory head off of Ebay last year. I added some Chatty Cathy teeth but I didn't think I could find a black Chatty Cathy body very easily so I painted a junker body I had. She is as close as I have to a black Chatty Cathy...don't look too close I still don't have eyes @@ for her!



I have affectionately titled this doll...Bag'O Chatty...I just bought her at an antique show and have my restoration work cut out for me! I will show pictures after I get her back together...for now you can enjoy 2 before pics :)

Boat 1

Here she is, back together again :) I love this doll!


This doll is a brunette bob with paper decal eyes. This one has a cloth covered speaker. She hails from a local doll auction and is one of my favourites...Thanks Deb :)


I love doll collecting and have vintage Barbie, misc. 1950's and 1960's dolls. My favourite doll by far, is Chatty Cathy. I will try to add and change my pictures often so be sure to check my site often! Thanks and have a great day :)